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Name: Unilabs

Region: Denmark

Employees: 12,600+

Services: Diagnostic services, genetic medicine and pathology

Modules: Safety Data Sheet Management, Chemical Reporting, Chemical Risk Assessments

Unilabs offers services in laboratory medicine and imaging and functional diagnostics for open and closed medical care. Their services are characterized by high quality, safety and service. With Ecoonline's software, it has become easier to update SDSs.

- Jeanette Norberg, Chemical Engineer

"Before Unilabs started using EcoOnline, it took a lot of work to keep the safety data sheets regularly updated to the latest version. It was a great challenge for us to carry out risk assessments of the chemicals we use. It was also difficult to get a holistic view of our chemical handling.

Today, local health and safety officers carry out all registration, risk assessment and introductions to/changes to safety data sheets for their own department. They ensure that employees have the right information, in the right place, at the right time. The results of these risk assessments form the basis for determining the safe use of the chemicals we handle."

Jeanette Norberg

Chemical Engineer, Unilabs AB


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