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Unfortunately this product isn't available outside of UK and Ireland. If you’re looking for a simple EHS solution for your organization, explore our Health & Safety Software. Our customizable platform enables you to effectively manage all your H&S needs in one place.

*Contact a member of our team for a solution that fits your needs and location.


You Have a Vision, We Can Build it Together.

Maximise data visibility across your organisation. Partner with our team of leading experts to create a tailored solution built for your exact specifications.

  • Multiple users in multiple locations can capture, manage and share the data that’s critical for compliance and safety.

  • You can then analyse it, identify potential risks, uncover valuable insights and keep people safe.

“Info Exchange has made our property compliance journey a lot simpler and efficient. We love the high performance and reliability of the system and I personally feel it’s the best system Royal Mail has ever had.” 

Andi Whittle, Data and Reporting Manager, Royal Mail Group Compliance and Sustainability

Digitally connecting your business – one platform, endless solutions.

Using the latest technology and support from our in-house expertise, we help you to capture and apply data across your processes – giving simple, invaluable real-time insight to prepare for any eventuality.


Supporting the processes that power your business

Info Exchange is a technology platform that brings all your processes together into one simple, easy-to-use system.

An award-winning digital solution

This platform can be tailored to match your specific needs. Choose from a complete set of software solutions that address all aspects of risk management, EHSQ, property, supply chain and corporate social responsibility.

  • Info Exchange is a truly configurable platform that helps organisations to digitise the day-to-day tasks that underpin their business.
  • Increased visibility enables greater control, while a powerful suite of reporting and analytics tools provide valuable insight that support growth.
  • By connecting these vital elements, you can automate manual processes, increase operational efficiency and take practical steps to improve performance.
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Key features

Accurate Reporting

Bring disparate data sets together for clearer, more accurate reporting.

Business Intelligence

Create a central source of business intelligence that offers a “one true view” of your organisation.

Data Sharing

Connect your business processes to enable effective data sharing.

Demonstrate Compliance

Demonstrate clear and robust compliance with key legislation at the click of a button.

Improve Efficiency

Reduce reliance on resource-intensive manual processes to improve efficiency.

Mitigate Risk

Analyse data, predict trends, and take proactive steps to mitigate risk.

“We successfully achieved Carbon Trust carbon and waste standards. EcoOnline was influential in this achievement.” 

David March, Group Environment Manager, Engie UK & Ireland

Your journey towards a safer workplace starts with a chat.

When you speak with one of our in-house EHS experts, you’ll discover the exact modules that will help streamline your organisation’s current Health & Safety processes. Save time and grow a positive safety culture with the help of intuitive EHS software.

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