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Permit to Work Software

Digitally create, manage, share and monitor work permits across multiple sites.

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A permit to work management system is vital when controlling high-risk activities. They provide thoroughly documented permission to perform a dangerous task. However, they usually require a lot of paperwork, including risk assessments, audits etc. 

All of this documentation can inhibit the permit handover process and communication between stakeholders. Our Permit to Work Software streamlines your permit management processcollecting all employee and contractor permit-related data in one central location.


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We are delighted to be working with a provider to deliver a system for our business that provides us with an unprecedented level of performance insight. This will help us make the right decisions and effectively focus our efforts on delivering Zero Incidents and Zero Accidents.” 

- Wayne Metcalf, Health and Safety Director, John Sisk & Sons

Key Features 


Use provided templates or create your own

Project Approval Control

IA’s can review and reject permits at any stage


Pull in safety data including risk and incident to improve your permits

Detailed Reporting

Generate in-depth permit reports

Automatic Notifications

Keep all involved parties informed throughout the process

Improved safety culture

Encourage contractor participation in the permit process

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