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Holistic, manageable survey software to easily create customised surveys, collect data, understand responses, and make improvements.

EcoOnline EHS Survey module allows you to systematically work with online health, safety, and well-being surveys. Create action plans based on surveys to improve and develop your company. 

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Companies in several countries now carry out health and safety audits regularly and whenever there is a significant change in their working environment. A variety of methods are used, but questionnaires filled in by employees themselves, either individually or in groups, are becoming the preferred method. The main advantage of this method is that recipients can review the items individually, or in groups, and respond anonymously, ensuring a focus on the challenges that need to be addressed rather than on who said what. 

EcoOnline Survey module allows users to create their own online survey templates or use existing survey templates. Surveys and questionnaires can be sent via links or QR codes to users who can respond with their names attached or anonymously. This can encourage employees to provide honest answers about conditions in their company.

Our Survey software ensures that you can easily get an overview of all responses and create an action plan from there. By taking action on the feedback you get from employees, you increase the chances that they will continue to give their honest input.


Survey templates

Survey templates

Use Survey templates or create your own. There is a template library available with different types of surveys, depending on whether it is a well-being survey, an industry-specific survey, a psychological survey, or something else entirely.

Examples of templates are:

  • office worker survey
  • production worker survey
  • electrical worker survey
  • OHS for psychological work environment
  • annual well-being survey

Customise surveys as you see fit

You can create and customise surveys as you see fit.

Insert a video or an image introducing the recipient to the survey; allow for answers to be provided in the format you wish.

Set up surveys as open or anonymous, and make them accessible via QR code or link.

Actions based on Surveys

Take action based on survey response reports

Once a survey is completed, you can see an overview of the responses and any valuable comments that may have been collected. 

Responses and comments are transferred to the Actions module of EcoOnline EHS, where you can create overviews and actions for each challenge.

All actions with deadlines and status can be pulled out in a dashboard or report.

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“When comparing solutions from different vendors during the procurement phase, we found that EcoOnline's OSH software is of a high standard. Compared to similar solutions for former experiences, I have been positively surprised.”


Key Features 

Create surveys

Create surveys from scratch or use out-the-box templates, with an array of question and answer options.

Manage & distribute surveys

Distribute surveys via a link, email, or QR code so employees respond quickly and easily at any time.

Analyse surveys

Analyse results and build custom reports.


Create actions based on responses and suggestions for improvement. Follow up and track progress via an overall action plan.

Trace Actions back to surveys

Create an action within the EHS Action module and link it back to a specific survey and question.

Examine specific responses

See a breakdown of responses to a particular question in a survey.

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