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Survey Software Gathers Information To Take Action

Create, manage, distribute, and analyse surveys to gain company-wide insights on health & safety.

  • Construct and customise a survey to suit your company requirements.
  • Reach out to all your employees to gather feedback and gain company-wide insights.
  • Gather form insights and identify health & safety problems.

"Information is presented in such a way that areas of concern can easily be identified. This has enabled us to close areas of concern proactively rather than waiting for an event to occur."

Michael Armitage, EHS Manager, Siemens
Regular audits

Health & Safety Audits

Companies need to carry out health and safety audits regularly and whenever there is a significant change in their working environment. 

A variety of survey methods are being used to carry out these audits. Questionnaires filled in by employees themselves, either individually or in groups, are becoming the preferred method by companies in several countries.

Anonymous Surveys

Paper to Digital

Some of the methods companies are using to carry out health and safety audits don't allow for anonymity and have low response rates. Some are time-consuming or difficult to manage. There can be a focus on who said what, rather than the challenges that need to be addressed. 

EcoOnline's Survey module allows users to create and send online surveys. Users can respond with their names attached or anonymously, which encourages honest answers about conditions in their company.

You can easily get an overview of all responses and create an action plan from there. Take action on employee feedback, and increase the chances they will continue to give their honest input.


EcoOnline Survey

 Our software enables you to create surveys from scratch or use templates, with an array of question-and-answer options. You can distribute surveys via a link, email or QR code. Then analyse the results or build custom reports to find the health & safety insights you need. 


  • Create surveys with a multitude of options at your disposal: customisable multiple-choice options, scoring methods, and comment boxes.
  • Help your respondents with headings, guidance text, images and question-logic.
  • Easily distribute surveys to your workforce, via link, email or QR code.
  • Analyse your results with customisable reports. Show results in different chart formats, filter by particular answers and add your own comments.
  • Distribute survey results to your workforce via .pdf or web page.
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Key features of Survey


Create surveys from scratch or use out-the-box templates, with an array of question and answer options.


Distribute surveys via a link, email, or QR code so employees respond quickly and easily at any time.


Analyse results and build custom reports.


Create actions based on responses and suggestions for improvement. Follow up and track progress via an overall action plan.


Create an action within the EHS Action module and link it back to a specific survey and question.


See a breakdown of responses to a particular question in a survey.

“We are delighted to be working with a provider to deliver a system for our business that provides us with an unprecedented level of performance insight. This will help us make the right decisions and effectively focus our efforts on delivering zero incidents and zero accidents.”

Wayne Metcalf, Health and Safety Director, John Sisk & Son

Surveys Made Easy

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