Complimentary Health & Safety Management Tool During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Complimentary Health & Safety Management Tool During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ensure your business and its people are kept safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic crisis.  

Ensure your business and its people are kept safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic crisis.


Get complimentary (FREE) full access to our health and safety software solution - Safety Manager - to protect all management and staff during the Covid 19 Pandemic crisis*. In addition EcoOnline have created bespoke COVID-19 audits, checklists, configurable risk management and much more.


Get Complementary Access to Safety Manager


The coronavirus continues to impact working life and many companies and businesses around the world are facing great challenges, new risks and increased demands in handling a constant flow of information. EcoOnline’s response to the situation is its user-friendly HSEQ-tool Safety Manager to handle coronavirus related risks and preparations. EcoOnline now extends its free trial to four months and includes the full Safety Manager solution as well as support in on-boarding.


“At EcoOnline, we want to assist organisations to become more proactive than reactive in these ever-changing times ahead. As a Health and Safety professional, the strain will be put on your resources to keep up with demand in ensuring your employees are safe. By making Safety Manager available for free for four months, we hope that we can support health and safety in many workplaces” says Göran Lindö, EcoOnline’s CEO.


Releases new features and resources to help companies manage during the COVID-19 pandemic

EcoOnline’s research and development team have been working hard to build topical templates and checklists within the Safety Manager application to enable the user to make the most out of the offering. The ready to use platform will assist in adapting to this change. The Smartforms module allows you to create your own templates, fully adaptable to your specific needs.

Here are some of the system updates made in Safety Manager to help you to manage COVID-19 risk:

  • COVID-19 Preparedness Checklist – evaluate and update preparedness to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Infection Incident Report Template – follow any reported incident and make corrective actions to protect their people and business.
  • Working Safely at Home Checklist – assign people to check their safety and ergonomic working conditions.


COVID-19 Updates

EcoOnline are closely monitoring the development of the coronavirus and have created a webage to make it easier for HSE personnel to find all relevant information and get useful tips and tricks.


Read more here


Helping to keep people and business safe today and for tomorrow

The rapidly evolving situation requires fast adaption. In addition to all new and, most likely temporary activities, it’s important to maintain all the other health and safety processes to keep continuity next to normal.

According to Göran Lindö, another reason behind the decision for extending the trial period, was that even though the economic situation is uncertain for many companies at the moment, it should not compromise keeping workplaces safe.

“EcoOnline are here to support you, even during these uncertain times. We are a company who are committed to protecting people and the environment and we believe we owe a duty of care to help during these difficult times” says Göran Lindö

Safety Manager Free Trial Updates

The free Safety Manager trial includes free access to a complete platform of user-friendly tools so you can plan, manage, and implement health and safety best practice. The modules available include:

  • Incidents and Accidents
  • Risk Assessments
  • Audits
  • Reports
  • Smartforms ©

EcoOnline states that there are no obligations to the free trial period.


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