EcoOnline extends service offering with 3T

EcoOnline extends service offering with 3T

Published January 12, 2018

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EcoOnline extends service offering by acquiring HSEQ software and consulting company, 3T Results Ltd.


EcoOnline, a specialist in chemical documentation management software and services, has acquired Finnish based occupational safety and Health software and consulting company 3T Results Ltd.


With this acquisition, EcoOnline will be able to provide customers service and software solutions covering chemical safety management, as well as occupational health, quality and environmental management.

"For our Finnish customers the acquisition enables a wide range of HSEQ services as a complete solution, including the software solutions, expert services and training. By combining the forces of two leading industry players, we will serve Finnish chemical users, manufacturers and suppliers more effectively”, says CEO of EcoOnline Group Øyvind Thorsen.

"Our HSEQ Online cloud service users have been interested in better management of Safety Data Sheets and overall management of chemical safety. In our discussions with EcoOnline we realized quickly that joining forces would bring customers of both parties the most value. Together we can also serve better our international customers and speed up our expansion into new markets”, says CEO of 3T Results Ltd Marko Vuorinen.


More information:

Øyvind Robert Thorsen, CEO, EcoOnline Group,

Mob: +47 90824055,


Marko Vuorinen, CEO, 3T Ratkaisut Oy,

Mob: +358 40 517 7675



3T Results Ltd helps you to work effectively in managing your workplace safety, working conditions and productivity. 3T’s solutions combine the validated methods and procedures with modern technology. HSEQ Online Cloud Service can ensure compliance with statutory obligations and management systems. In addition, the company provides training for employees by more than 100 digital educational material libraries, supervisor training and company specific expert services. In 2016, turnover was €1.2 m with 14 employees.


EcoOnline is the leading Nordic IT firm dedicated to developing software to make management and documentation of chemicals as user-friendly and cost-efficient as possible. Producers, resellers and distributors of chemicals are linked up with those who manage chemicals in a single common database. The database enables the sharing of legally required data on hazardous properties, and the recommended precautionary measures to be adopted when using chemicals and chemical products. In 2016, turnover of EcoOnline Group was
€9.1 m with almost 100 employees.

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