EcoOnline's 2022 Holiday Donations: Supporting the One Percent Safer Foundation

EcoOnline's 2022 Holiday Donations: Supporting the One Percent Safer Foundation

Published December 20, 2022

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December is often referred to as the "Season of Giving," and EcoOnline has long traditions of giving back to the community through charitable donations. In addition to local contributions, we are supporting the One Percent Safer Foundation this year.


- As a software provider developing solutions for environmental, health, and safety management, EcoOnline has committed to helping its customers create safe and sustainable workplaces. Knowing that nearly 3 million people die from work-related causes each year, we became very inspired by the idea behind the One Percent Safer foundation; If we all improve workplace safety by one percent, then that's 28,000 people that get to go home without harm, instead of ending up dead – each year! Their goal of improving workplace safety globally strongly connects with our core business model and our mission to protect people and the environment, says Göran Lindö, CEO at EcoOnline.

Together we can make the world a safer place
Looking back at 2022, we all wanted to see a way forward to a new and a better normal, to engage collectively in building back better. But things have turned out differently. The year dramatically turned from a COVID-19 recovery when the Russian aggression against Ukraine hit us. 

Furthermore, we see how new and emerging threats, such as environmental degradation and climate change, challenge workplace safety. We also face new threats resulting from remote working, increased hazards from new chemicals, and psycho-social and ergonomics hazards.

To meet the rapid challenges in a disruptive world, EcoOnline believes that knowledge is vital to help organizations understand how to meet these new hazards best. By supporting The One Percent Foundation, we are also helping hundreds of EHS practitioners with pragmatic advice, guidance, and instruction in developing and implementing occupational health and safety.

As working conditions are an essential determinant of overall living standards, organizations of all sizes are responsible for contributing to a safe and sustainable world. And within sustainable business lies the excellent potential for growth and innovation, of which EcoOnline is living proof.

A special thanks to all our employees, customers, and partners 
EcoOnline is humbled and proud to have grown and developed our business. 

In 2022, 700 new customers have trusted EcoOnline to help them build a deeper understanding of their operational and EHS risks through easy-to-use and highly configurable SaaS solutions. Our products, and R&D department, have, together with our UX team, designed, developed, and improved more than 100 new features. 

As a company, we have also been fortunate to recruit 149 new employees this year. This expansion will allow us to continue to develop our software solutions and provide best-in-class customer service for our now 8 000+ customers. 

In 2023, to fuel our mission of building solutions that help our customers secure safe and sustainable workplaces while cultivating their overall safety culture, EcoOnline will continue to invest in innovative and progressive technology. 

From all the staff at EcoOnline, we wish you a happy and peaceful holiday season. May the new year bring happiness, success, and continued safety at work and home!

In addition to donating to this global initiative, EcoOnline has a long tradition of helping nonprofit organizations operates in the different countries where EcoOnline is represented:

- Denmark: Ronald McDonald House Charities

- Finland: Sylva Ry (Childhood cancer fund)

- UK & Ireland: The Trussell Trust

- Sweden: Barncancerfonden - (Childhood cancer fund)

- Norway: "Lonely Christmas tree seeking gifts." (a joint initiative where organizations like the Red Cross and the Salvation Army collect Christmas presents.)

Author Helene Brodersen

Helene works as Head of ESG & Sustainability. She is passionate about connecting EcoOnline's solutions with the higher purpose of creating safer and more sustainable workplaces for people and the environment. As a former journalist, she dedicates her writing to translating complex topics into easy-to-read and engaging stories. Helene also holds a degree in Sustainability.

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