Safety Groups UK and EcoOnline announce Partnership

Safety Groups UK and EcoOnline announce Partnership

Published February 11, 2021

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To bolster its knowledge offering to local groups and its members, Safety Groups UK has announced EcoOnline as its latest partner with a seat on the Board.


EcoOnline as a technical supporter will enhance current support and assist with resources via complimentary exclusive online events and workshops. Both organisations will work together to provide the opportunity for all local Safety Group Members to have access to best practice information in health and safety and managing workplace risks to protect staff. The timing of the partnership is welcomed as health and safety specialists and professionals experience one of its most difficult and demanding times to keep staff safe both on-site and remotely during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

The constant changes in EHS legislation and the addition of new risks and new tasks added to safety teams in workplaces mean there is a huge appetite for high-value information to be extended to members.

“We know the challenges companies face to safeguard employees. Our goal will be to provide all SGUK members and its frontline staff with high-value information and tools to make a real difference to protect its people and the environment,” says EcoOnline CEO, Göran Lindö

Norman Stevenson, Chairman of Safety Groups UK is delighted to welcome the partnership with EcoOnline and stated that having them represented on the Board is an added bonus for SGUK, which provides an extension to our portfolio of Trustees by adding to and enhancing the board’s collective expertise.

Although the UK is a world leader in workplace health and safety, according to data from the Health and Safety Executive, over a million people suffer from work-related illness and thousands die from past exposures to hazardous substances. Within the workplace every year around 111 workers are killed, and many thousands sustain severe injuries. Also, there are over 13,000 deaths that occur from occupationally related diseases with over 1.6 million people suffering from ill-health.

Safety Groups UK's mission is to assist local groups and their members reduce preventable occupational illness/disease, injury, and deaths across all workplaces. The EcoOnline partnership will benefit all group members with valuable insight and best practice advice and tools from EcoOnline consultants in the areas of workplace safety- and chemical safety.


About SGUK

Safety Groups UK ensures that health and safety groups are key players in the UK health and safety system and in the delivery of UK health and safety strategy. There are around 73 local health and safety groups (affiliated to RoSPA) located throughout the UK. We promote awareness and knowledge about work-related health and safety risks and how to manage them.


About EcoOnline

EcoOnline is a leading software supplier offering EHS, chemical safety management, and e-learning. In more than 20 years, EcoOnline has developed innovative solutions helping businesses in all industries and sizes to create safer, more sustainable, and more efficient workplaces. Today EcoOnline has a leading position in all the Nordic countries and the UK and Ireland, offering its industry-agnostic solutions to more than 6,500 customers, representing 86 industries. Also as being a software vendor, EcoOnline offers valuable insight and best practice advice from expert consultants in the areas of workplace safety- and chemicals.


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