Is It Worth The Risk? 5 Reasons Why Your Organisation Needs Dedicated EHS Software

Is It Worth The Risk? 5 Reasons Why Your Organisation Needs Dedicated EHS Software

Published May 27, 2021

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EHS software is a technological solution that many companies use to manage risk, business and employee safety, sustainability data, activities, and regulatory compliance, all available on their EHS dashboard. An EHS software like EcoOnline EHS focuses on the aims of creating a safer, healthier, and more sustainable workplace. Reducing the risk of accidents and environmental impact, it takes the stress out of developing a safety management system. As well as focusing on the health and well-being of employees. All executed by a cloud-based solution, leaving behind traditional paper-based formats. Providing reliable, efficient, and ease-of-use software.

The benefits of having an EHS software solution has the availability of all data and activities in a central location. Delivering configurability, data security, and ease of use for your business. Easy accessibility when you need it, whether that is for an audit or regulatory report. Allowing more time to work on valuable tasks. Offering flexibility as of when your business needs it. Listed below are 5 reasons why your organization needs dedicated safety software.


1. Employee / Business Safety


One of a business's main priorities is the health and safety of its employees. Implementing an EHS software solution would help to ensure the safety of each individual within the workplace. Since last year, many businesses have learned the importance of adaptability in unpredictable circumstances. Moving away from traditional formats of reporting and organization. 

An ease-of-use solution allows quick changes and updates to take place when real-time decisions occur. This reduces the time wasted on documentation, while also increasing reporting by employees. Therefore, forming a safer workplace environment. Mobile accessibility offered to employees helps to keep reporting easy, quick, and consistent.

For instance, our Event Tracker module enables users to receive real-time automated action and email notifications. Helping employers to form real-time decisions, gain visibility, and impact their business. All under one roof. A functional tracker that helps your business maintain the safest environment and support for your employees and business. Read more about our Event Tracker module here.


2. Enhanced Technology- Mobile / App


Technological advancements compared to a paper-based counterpart mean that reporting risk has never been so easy. Software solutions have adapted even further to mobile applications. Workers can track and report incidents. Keeping the priority of safety for the business. 

A Mobile app creates a streamlined approach to reporting on the go. Whenever an incident occurs. Whether that is in a factory, construction site, or on the shop floor. Field workers are able to enter data at the point of the incident offline or online if there is no signal available. This advancement in user adoption forms a straightforward user experience. Such easy access could help employees to record more incidents occurring, due to the quick and easy approach offered by a mobile app. Reducing the time consumption spent on implementing data. 

One of the many benefits of a dedicated EHS software solution. More traditional methods form a solidified and time-consuming approach to reporting. However, technology has allowed EHS businesses to offer the ability to tailor the experience for their users. Creating accessibility across multiple devices and platforms.


3. Legal Compliance


EHS software stores all information in a centralized place. In terms of compliance and legal requirements. Your business is in the best position to ensure you meet the requirements needed by law. Whether that is finding information for a claim, evidence of some sort for statements. All data and forms are easy to locate. 

Spreadsheets or paper-based formats can lead to time wasted in trying to locate the right information needed. Without strict document management tools in place, valuable data can be easily overwritten, deleted, or lost. Causing the administrative team a lot of stress! Integrated modules to help manage audits, regulatory compliance, action tracking, and material safety data sheets. A software solution may help to ease the pressure and time on legal compliance obligations for your business and employees. Making sure you as a company, stay compliant.


4. Environment-Carbon Footprint


EHS management systems focus not only on the well-being and health and employees. But also, on the environment too. The obvious point of moving away from paper-based formats reduces waste significantly. Due to the cross-over to a digital format, the software system holds all information in a centralized dashboard/platform. Helping businesses not only improve functionality. But also reduce paper waste and carbon footprint. 

EcoOnline EHS offers an ‘Environmental Performance Reporting’ module that makes it possible for businesses to track and analyze greenhouse emissions, water, energy, and raw materials consumption. The management module is customizable to fit your wants and needs. An organization should aim to grow into a sustainable business model. Therefore, combining the right sustainability tools and resources will be a huge environmental benefit for the company. A software solution in place can help businesses take the right step towards providing quality products and services. While also maintaining an environmentally friendly community. Allowing you as a business, to make the transition to a resource-efficient economy.


5. Adaptability


The world and technology are constantly developing and changing. As a business, if you don’t evolve, there is a chance that you will be left behind. It is vital to progress to meet the ever-changing needs of customers. An EHS software solution helps make this possible. By changing and adapting with the times. More traditional formats could mean a more rigid and set approach. This is not bad. Yet, it may be detrimental in terms of keeping consistent with competition. 

Software systems like EcoOnline EHS, offer customization for a business to morph dynamic dashboards and modules. Protected and kept in a cloud-based format also means that data is always accurate in real-time. Therefore, businesses are able to keep consistent with reporting and organizing valuable records. Solution software can support companies who are met with any unpredictable climates and circumstances, like Covid-19. Keeping business data and employees secure and as safe as possible.




An EHS management system not only reduces risk. But also implements better decision-making. At the end of the day, moving towards a software solution holds many benefits for businesses. Not only creating a productive and efficient environment. But most importantly, keeping employees as safe as possible. There are many EHS software solutions on the market. If your business is looking for an adaptable yet dependable solution, EcoOnline EHS may be the right one for you. To learn more about EcoOnline EHS and its benefits, click here.

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