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Case Study


New streamlined processes means a reduced administrative burden and detailed information available for all users.

About Northgate

Northgate PLC is the UK’s largest commercial vehicle rental provider. Based in Darlington, County Durham, they have over 100,000 vehicles in the UK and Spain.

Fast response time

Using software to reduce ambiguity and provide clarity over property management requests

As such a large commercial organisation, it is understandable that Northgate receive a large volume of property related requests, averaging around 40 per day and totaling 800 a month. As Northgate aim to provide a high-quality service, they strive to acknowledge these requests within the first 10 minutes of receipt.

The variety and volume of these requests, ranging from a flooded customer toilet to a roof repair, meant that Northgate faced a daily challenge in trying to manage them effectively through their manual approach. As a result, Northgate recognised the need for a system that would allow them to manage tickets more effectively, coordinate the required actions and monitor the progress of these jobs through to completion.

"The main benefit is the detail that we are now able to easily capture relating to a job. This has allowed us to reduce the ambiguity of some of the requests we receive and keep everyone up to date with how a job is progressing."

Stephanie Bagley, Facilities Supervisor, Northgate

Northgate felt that Info Exchange’s offering would be the software solution they needed to mitigate the challenges they faced.

Since the introduction of Info Exchange’s CAFM module, the software has enabled the Northgate team to manage their workload far more effectively and can now capture much more detail relating to each job. This has provided them with far greater transparency over the requests they receive, reducing any ambiguity and enabling Northgate to provide a much better service.

The software enables them to add photographs, supporting documentation, email conversations, purchase orders and costings to a job, giving everyone involved visibility of much more supporting detail associated with each request. The use of software has also minimised the amount of time spent dealing with the requests, allowing site managers to concentrate on the task in hand and reducing their administrative burden. 

The implementation of remote forms also means that it is much quicker for users to log on to the system and record property maintenance tickets, no matter where they are. Regardless of whether they are on site or at the office, they can now record problems, submit detailed information and check progress in seconds. Not only does this reduce the administrative burden for staff, but streamlining the reporting process means that tickets are created more accurately and with a greater level of detail. This means that the property maintenance team has a far clearer basis from which to plan their response, offering further efficiencies for the organisation as a whole.

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