Chemical Exposure Record Software

Make it easy for your workers to register and keep track of chemical exposures on the go  

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The dangers associated with hazardous chemicals in the workplace means having a smart and compliant system in place to register and report exposures to substances is a must.  

At EcoOnline, we make it easy for you and your workers to centralise and store chemical exposures thanks to our intuitive chemical exposure module. Allow workers to record exposure to hazardous chemicals themselves, register key information and make sure the correct procedures are adhered to every step of the way. 

Comply with all safety regulations in relation to archived records of chemical exposure to hazardous materials with our historical hazardous exposure registry. Overall, this improvement in transparency and accountability will allow you to make informed decisions about the ongoing safety of your workforce.  



EcoOnline has made us work in a much better way with chemicals and we really appreciate the support as chemicals are not our core business."

- Maria Weckman,Safety & Security Leader IKEA

Key Features 

Monitor Data

Clear analysis of hazardous chemicals and risks

Document Exposure

Register worker exposure

Comprehensive Overview

Report overview with access control options

Fully Integrated

App and web availability


Trusted by over 6,000 clients worldwide

We have over 20 years’ experience working with multiple industries across the globe which is why our software offers unrivalled solutions in an industry that is constantly changing.  

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Hannah Daly

Account Manager, EcoOnline Ireland

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