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See how Colas Ltd achieved complete incident oversight with the help of EcoOnline 

A leading civil engineering business, Colas Ltd. provides sustainable road solutions for transport infrastructure throughout the UK. With 20 locations nationwide and 1360 employees, its areas of expertise include road construction, surfacing and maintenance. They form part of the larger international Colas Group. 

With locations and projects across the UK, keeping track of incident data is vital. It also presents unique challenges and the need for real time, accurate incident information meant manual spreadsheets were no longer cutting it. 

Colas Ltd. have been working with EcoOnline since 2015 to improve their incident reporting process with innovative and user-friendly software solutions. 

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Number of near-miss reports made via EcoOnlines frictionless reporting

The Mission

Gain complete oversight of incidents and near-miss events in the business.

The Solution

EcoOnlines Incident and Observation software, along with frictionless reporting provides detailed and accurate incident data.

The Impact

Business can quickly get to the root cause of incidents, facilitates improved communication with leadership.

We looked at a number of suppliers, and I think the thing that stood out was the product suited what we wanted. But also, we really like the people. They were very open and honest, and they lived up to every promise they made. 

Pat Sheehan, Associate Director for SHEQ, Colas Ltd.

The Story

For civil engineering businesses like Colas Ltd, having access to real time incident data is paramount to keeping workers safe. Whether its spotting trends in location or incident type or getting to the root cause of an event, reliable, accurate data underpins all future decisions related to safety.  

It was clear to Pat Sheehan and his team that relying on manual spreadsheets to record and track incident data was not meeting their needs. A lack of up-to-the-minute data made it difficult to confirm incident status and examine emerging trends. 

After looking at a number of suppliers, EcoOnlines Incident and Observation software was the one that best meet the needs of Pat and his team. Workers use the frictionless reporting via QR code and WhatsApp to easily submit incident, near-miss and hazard information as an event occurs. As a result, incident status can be updated as it moves through the investigation process and hazards can be rectified.  

Another key benefit of collating all incident data in one location has been how this information is communicated to Colas Ltd senior management. The safety team can provide incident data with confidence when making requests to the executive team. 

According to Pat, a key deciding factor for choosing EcoOnline was their positive interactions with our team. We are extremely proud of all our teams and their commitment to providing the best experience for customers. 

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EcoOnlines Incident Reporting software makes slow and unreliable manual reporting a thing of the past, while empowering your employees to take ownership of safety. 

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