Health & Safety

The most user-friendly EHS software solution

With an innovative approach to user accessibility and business intelligence, EcoOnline engages all users to efficiently record data and obtain critical information wherever they are working, on whichever devices they choose to use.

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This is a future proof solution to enable easy reporting of SHE-Q related incidents, combined with practical feasibilities for analysis, trends and dashboards. This supports Mammoet’s pro-active driving of SHE-Q results.”

- Maarten de Klerk, Global SHE-Q director, Mammoet

Key Features 

Architecturally beautiful

EcoOnline architecture is loosely coupled and distributed using micro-services and polyglot persistence


Integrate with a number of mobile, web, or internet enabled applications

Safe & secure

Protected by our security partners Rackspace, Cloudflare and Symantec.

ISO Accredited

Fully ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (ISO 27001) accredited

Artificial Intelligence

Partnering with IBM Watson to bring an unprecedented level of intelligence

Graph Database

Leading graph database technology that offers simple & expressive representation of your data

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Trusted by over 6,500 clients worldwide

We have over 20 years’ experience working with multiple industries across the globe which is why our software offers unrivaled solutions in an industry that is constantly changing. 

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