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Health and Safety Consultancy

EcoOnline offer Health & Safety Consultancy services tailored to the needs of your company. We can provide the expertise necessary to set up and maintain your Safety Management System. Our knowledgeable experts are here to provide guidance and support when needed at minimum cost compared to a full-time employed specialist.

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Tailored service

Why work with us?

We offer an industry leading, customisable and cost saving solution to help you manage all aspects of EHS process. 

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Documented system

Protect your employees

Documenting your Safety Management System can demonstrate that you put the safety and employee wellbeing at the forefront of your ambitions.

“Without EcoOnline, we would have had to hire an extra person to handle all our safety data sheets!” 

Juliana Hestad, Product Manager, Valvoline Oil AS

Consultancy services we provide

Health and Safety Contract

What services do we provide?

EcoOnline provide a service for companies in order to ensure effective management of health and safety at your organisation. This service allows you to get a fully managed professional expert service from our experienced Consultancy Team.

What is included?
  • Initial gap analysis
  • Review and management of the Safety Management System.
  • Completion of Risk Assessments in conjunction with key staff.
  • Days onsite for safety committee meetings, updating documentation, provision of training, fire drills, audits, and checks.
  • Support via email and phone for key staff.


What is a Safety Statement?

A safety statement is a written document which outlines your commitment to the protection of employees and others who may visit your workplace.  It is a legal requirement to complete a Safety Statement for your organisation.

What is included in a Safety Statement?
  • Management of health and safety at the organisation.
  • Emergency response plans and procedures.
  • Duties of employer and employees
  • Assessments of hazards.
  • Additional information will also be included as required for the company.
What services can we assist with?
  • Review of current Safety Statement.
  • Completion of new Safety Statement.
  • Assessment of risks.

Risk Assessments / Chemical Risk Assessments

What is a Risk Assessment?

Health and Safety legislation identifies the requirement for organisations to complete both general and chemical risk assessments in order to effectively control hazards in the workplace. The risk assessments must be documented and both a review of the hazards and the mitigation measures in place.

What is included in a Risk Assessment?

  • Hazards in the workplace or hazards of a specific chemical.
  • Identification of the risks presented by the hazards.
  • Control measures currently in place or to be put in place.

What services can we assist with?

  • Review of current Risk Assessments.
  • Completion of new Risk Assessments.
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of existing control measures.

Occupational Hygiene Monitoring

What is Occupational Hygiene Monitoring?

Occupational Hygiene Monitoring is the process of assessing workplace risks and evaluating the likelihood of exposure to chemical, physical, or biological hazards. It is carried out to ensure adequate protection for workers.

What services do we provide?

  • Identification of potential exposure.
  • Personal sampling of personnel.
  • Fixed point sampling.
  • Completion of report identifying potential risks to employees.

Safety Gap Analysis Report

What is a Health and Safety Gap Analysis?

A gap analysis will provide clients with an overview of the effectiveness of their current Safety Management System. It will also highlight any areas of non-conformance in conjunction with health and safety legislation.

What is included in the Gap Analysis?

  • Onsite inspection of the workplace.
  • Review of policies and procedures.
  • Assessment of hazards and risks.
  • Accidents and incidents
  • Additional areas will also be reviewed depending on the workplace.

What services can we assist with?

  • Completion of gap analysis.
  • Provision of detailed report.  

Emergency Response

What is Emergency Response?

Ensuring your company is prepared for all emergency situations is a key aspect of health and safety legislation. It is essential that your company is effectively trained on all emergency response preparedness measures implemented in your organisation. This will reduce the risk to your employees and to your business as a whole.

What services can we assist with?

  • Development of emergency response procedures.
  • Review of current emergency response procedures.
  • Accident Investigation and Analysis.
  • Fire Drill

Safety Audits

What is Safety audit?

A safety audit is completed by organisations to provide evidence of compliance with aspects of the legislations. It assists companies with the development and implementation of the Safety Management System at the company.

What is included in a Safety audit?

A safety audit may be completed on any aspect of health and safety at the organisation. The following are a list of potential audits which can be completed:

  • Chemical storage, segregation, labelling and risk assessments.
  • Risk assessments and risk management measures.
  • Ergonomics and VDU assessments.
  • Health & Safety documentation.
  • Fire drill and first aid management.

What services can we assist with?

  • Review of current safety auditing tools.
  • Completion of chemical safety audit.
  • Completion of additional health and safety audits.
  • Provision of documented reports.


EcoOnline provide a range of Chemical and Health & Safety training courses to customers. These courses include Chemical Safety Awareness, Spill Control, Fire Safety awareness, to name just a few.

For more information on the training courses EcoOnline provide please click here.

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