5 benefits of choosing EcoOnline as your solution for workplace safety

5 benefits of choosing EcoOnline as your solution for workplace safety

Published February 7, 2020

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EcoOnline develops user-friendly digital software that improves health and safety in the workplace, while helping customers deliver sustainable results for the environment.

We know that with knowledge and technology it is possible to create a safer working environment. With our user-friendly tools, risks can be detected before accidents, incidents or illness occur.

It is no coincidence that over 6,000 customers have chosen EcoOnline as their HSE software supplier. 

Here are five reasons why:

1. A future-proof company


EcoOnline was created in 2000 by founder Kjell Einar Hamnes. His vision was to harness the opportunity of the internet and utilize this to distribute important information about chemicals. Constant new research into the dangerous properties of chemicals has led to stricter and more comprehensive regulations. Today, it is not possible for businesses to comply with the regulations without the help of digital tools to track documentation.

Following the development of several cutting-edge and innovative standards for information sharing and storage, EcoOnline today contributes in providing over 2 million employees with a safer workplace. One of the keys to this success lies in the combination of visionary entrepreneurship, dedicated managers and dedicated employees.

EcoOnline's customers, represented by over 80 industries, include everything from large, international groups to small, single-person companies. To develop solutions that are flexible enough to meet all the unique needs of such different types of companies, EcoOnline works closely with customers to understand their issues.

The result of combining deep insight with a continued focus on “outside the box" thinking, is a market-leading product portfolio that covers all needs within systematic HSE work.

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2. Reduced risk increases value


Managing the company's health, safety and environmental problems can be extensive and time-consuming. With guidance and automated processes, it is possible to simplify this work, making it a natural part of the working day. This is the goal that has made EcoOnline's flexible solutions comprehensive - yet easy to use.

At EcoOnline we care about you. With the help of 250 knowledgeable employees, we help you on the road to creating a safer workplace.

Our talented resource and development team is always looking for new technology that will have a meaningful impact on health and safety, drive sustainable productivity and ensure compliance with regulations.

Safety Manager is the most flexible solution on the market, fully adaptable to your needs. No need for programming or time-consuming setups.

If you need to conduct audits, risk assessments, incidents or accidents, our solution gives you complete freedom. You can choose to use our predefined templates or to design checklists or forms from scratch to make them fit your unique processes. There is no need for coding or use of consultants - in minutes you can create something that fits your unique needs perfectly.

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3. Sustainability is good for business


There is no doubt that many people can live longer and healthier lives, simply by knowing more about workplace safety. But the challenge is the complexity of information and procedures that workers must follow in order to operate safely.

We are proud of our customers who, by working proactively to reduce the risk and use of dangerous chemicals, create more sustainable businesses.

Among the UN's sustainability goals, EcoOnline is committed to:

Sustainability Goal 3: Good health and well-being

Many of the health problems we see today are work-related problems. Digitizing HSE processes, among other things, makes it easier for businesses to share and store statutory data on the chemicals' hazardous properties and recommended protective measures. EcoOnline's solutions enable businesses to gain control over their chemicals, thereby limiting exposure and emissions that can lead to health and environmental damage.

Sustainability Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth

EcoOnline recognizes the increased demand in the market for digital, user-friendly tools that will handle these very demanding HSE tasks. More and more companies are discovering that investing in expert HSE tools increases profitability. With a safe workplace, the number of accidents, incidents and sick leave is reduced while production increases.

A safe workplace is an attractive workplace. Focusing on safeguarding employees while also ensuring that the company has a sustainable profile, makes it easier to recruit excellent employees, while avoiding a bad reputation.

Sustainability Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

Economic growth must not be at the expense of health, the environment and safety. Digitization provides room for resource improvement, enabling businesses to increase their productivity while becoming more sustainable.

EcoOnline has a responsibility to its stakeholders to develop solutions that help businesses manage their chemicals in line with sustainability goals. Through close dialogue with customers and authorities and using innovative technology, Econoline’s HSE tools can assist with chemicals being handled in a more environmentally friendly way, while also helping to reduce emissions and waste.


4. EcoOnline Platform: one login - many possibilities
With EcoOnline Platform you only need to login to one place to access all your applications.

Create your personal EcoOnline account today and forget long company codes and difficult passwords. In addition, you can freely download a number of useful tips and tricks, as well as search and store safety data sheets from the largest database in the Nordic region - without having to register every time!


EcoOnline Platform


5. Free support
Our support team is available via phone, email and webchat and are experts in answering all questions related to best practice solutions.

Our software will help you achieve your goal of maintaining a safe, sustainable, efficient and attractive workplace.


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