World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2021 | Digital EHS Systems

World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2021 | Digital EHS Systems

Published April 28, 2021

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The World Day for Safety and Health at Work takes place each year on April 28th with the aim of highlighting the need to improve preventative measures with regards occupational safety and diseases globally. 



This article explores the theme for World Day for Safety and Health  at Work, which is all about creating a holistic approach to implementing resilient occupational health and safety systems in the workplace. Switching to a digital EHS system, such as inspection management software, will make a huge difference to all companies who are looking to enhance their sustainable development and achieve economic growth. 


How digital EHS systems help with occupational safety in the workplace


Businesses see the need to enhance the health and wellbeing of their employees but are often hindered by the complexity of information and documentation required to operate safely. Occupational safety is moving into the spotlight as regulatory requirements, environmental concerns and production standards, such as ISO certification, become increasingly important.

The ongoing threat of Covid-19 highlights how adequate safety and health measures at work can play a crucial role in containing the spread of the disease, while protecting workers and society at large. This can be seen in the following video from the International Labor Organization:



EcoOnline EHS provides a medium for communication of all EHS documentation throughout your organization and encourages participation of all staff. We believe businesses across all industries should have a successful digital EHS system in place for the following reasons:

Compliance - to meet legal requirements and ISO standards

Reassurance - To reassure your customers and stakeholders by having safety management systems in place

Lower Costs - To reduce cost of injuries and material damages

Efficiency - To improve productivity and quality

Protection - To prioritize people’s health

Reputation - To enhance your brand credibility


EHS professionals can utilize EcoOnline’s EHS software system to better mitigate risks and enhance OSH outcomes across 5 key areas:

  1. Risk Management
  2. Incident Management
  3. Audit Management
  4. Documents
  5. Permit to Work


1. Risk Management

Risk Management_3 steps-2

EcoOnline’s smart Risk Management tool guides you through the risk assessment process and enables you to mitigate risk across the entire organization. The comprehensive approach to quantitative and qualitative risk assessment ensures all hazards are understood and allows the assessor to implement proper controls.

Ensure Consistency - Reduce time filtering through paper-based documents, receive real time results and risk management templates allow standard assessments across the organization

Meet Corporate Objectives - Ensure responsibility is shared & monitor completion of Risk Assessments effectively and efficiently

Calculated Decisions - Quickly see accurate risk assessment probability value, prioritization and impact information


How to perform a successful HSE risk assessment


2. Incident Management

Incidents_Benefit 1-4

The term ‘Incident Management’ is defined by independent analyst firm Verdantix as: “Activities undertaken by workers, managers and executives in EHS and other functions to track, report, investigate and analyze incidents which negatively impact or could have negatively impacted workers, business operations, and physical assets.”

Through EcoOnline EHS, you can gain access to our Incident Management tool that helps analyze incidents within an integrated and configurable system. Set actions, investigations, findings, for any type of accident or event management process. Use our ready-made templates or design your own incident and action system.

Accurate - Remove the cumbersome creation of manual incident reports with customized incident templates that are relevant for your business

Accountability - Track every stage of the incident reporting process in your organization to identify root causes and key learnings

Fully Integrated - Use our mobile app to easily report incidents on any device and view real-time performance summaries to query all incident data instantly


Webinar: Maximise Incident Management to Minimise Accidents


3. Audit Management

Audits_Benefit 1

Audit Management is an important part of success for workplace operations. With the correct audit procedures in place, businesses can meet regulatory requirements by streamlining workflows and efficiently tracking EHS-related inspections.

Now you can manage your audit, inspection and checklists in one central location with EcoOnline’s Audit Management tool. It enables users throughout the organization to build checklists, conduct inspections and assign actions all in one place.

This will allow you to easily:

  • Unprecedented Audit Insight - Understand your safety audit data and make data-driven decisions with confidence​
  • Transparent Trail - Effectively monitor audit performance, outcomes and assigned corrective actions, visually and transparently, as a percentage metric.
  • Streamlined Process - Create and configure anything from scoring methods, form layouts and checklists, to questionnaires and scoring rules.​


4. Documents

Documents_Benefit 1-4

All employees must by law have access to correct and up to date safety and health information so having a document management system is important. Thanks to EcoOnline’s easy to use Documents system, you can access, manage and share all your EHS related documents wherever you are. Ensures that documents are always up-to-date and easily accessible from one place.

  • Central System - Save time searching files and folders by introducing one central location for all your Health and Safety related documents
  • Configurable - Allows you to keep track of documents, procedures and revisions across your organization
  • Transparent - an easy way to categorize, assign responsibility and ensure visibility across your organization

5. Permit to Work

Permit to Work_Benefit 3-2

Implementing a fully integrated Permit to work system into your organization is vital to ensure work is done safely and efficiently.

Easily control high risk work tasks with EcoOnline’s intuitive Permit to Work tool. Monitor all contractors on site, storing all records in one place and easily identify the status of your work permits.

  • Efficient - Digitally create, manage, share and monitor work permits
  • Oversight - Complete overview of permit to work management in your organization.​
  • Comprehensive - Manage and monitor all contractors and high risk procedures in your organization

How to Improve your Permit to Work Management System




Due to the unprecedented scale of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is now more important than ever for companies to create and put in place robust and comprehensive strategies to help strengthen workplace safety processes.

EcoOnline EHS is all about rethinking health and safety. It is our belief that moving from an archaic, manual occupational safety system to a flexible, digital system will ensure a safer workplace for all. The message on World Day for Safety and Health at Work is clear: Invest now in resilient OSH systems


Get started with EcoOnline EHS

EcoOnline EHS is a software tool for managing your company's occupational safety and wellbeing. In the software, you will find ready-made form templates for the assessment of physical workload factors and physical work environment factors.


Learn more about digitizing your HQEQ-processes with EcoOnline EHS by clicking below or simply Request a Demo


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