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Ecometrica, Part of EcoOnline, Launches Free Sustainability Navigator Tool

Julkaistu lokakuuta 26, 2023

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Tool aims to take the complexity out of ESG legislative compliance    


LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – October 26, 2023 – October 26, 2023 – Global ESG and Sustainability software leader, Ecometrica, part of EcoOnline, launches a free Sustainability Navigator tool aiming to remove the complexity out of compliance. Ecometrica are experts in climate metrics, having enabled businesses and governments to calculate their climate impact accurately and transparently since 2008, to ensure compliance with the latest legislation and build resilience for the future.     

The Sustainability Navigator assists businesses by guiding them through eligibility requirements for reporting obligations. Many businesses struggle to stay updated on regulations as new frameworks continue to be introduced and the landscape continues to evolve, especially organisations required to comply with multiple regulatory bodies, such as multinational entities. Ecometrica’s Sustainability Navigator tool provides an accessible opportunity for businesses, globally. 

"Navigating the growing volume of Sustainability and other ESG legislation is a challenge for many businesses, particularly those operating in multiple jurisdictions.” Says Dr. Richard Tipper MBE, Chief Scientific Officer at Ecometrica – part of EcoOnline. “We have put together this free Sustainability Compliance Navigator to help companies see what will affect their organisations. Bearing in mind the underlying reasons for these compliance frameworks is an intent to protect people and the environment – our mission is to help them do that in an efficient and effective manner." 

The Sustainability Navigator tool acts as a questionnaire and is completely free, taking users through comprehensive legislative requirements within Europe, the UK, the US, and Canada. This tool has been developed over many months with the expertise of sustainability analysts who have developed the navigation journey which powers the tool. It will remain continuously up to date with the vigorous monitoring of changing sustainability compliance legislation by Ecometrica’s expert analysts. 

“As the regulatory landscape evolves, there is a mounting need for businesses to be more operationally compliant with ESG legislation, and there are steps they must take in order to do so,” says Tom Goodmanson, CEO, EcoOnline. “Aligning what businesses need to remain compliant while becoming leaders in their domain is a gap we aim to fill with our expert analysts and solutions. With the right guidance on compliance, ESG legislation and frameworks, leaders can prepare their businesses to exceed compliance needs and maintain the safety of their workforce with our tool.” 

The results that respondents receive at the end of the questionnaire include mandatory international frameworks such as the TCFD (Taskforce for Climate related Financial Disclosures), EU CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) and SECR (Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting) as well as the upcoming US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) regulation. It also includes voluntary frameworks such as CDP and SBTi (Science Based Targets Initiative).  

The tool is free to use and can be found here: 

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