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Spot gaps, reduce hazards

Training Register:
Your Health & Safety training data, in one central location.

Meet your health and safety training data needs with a digital-first competence record management solution. 

  • Quickly detect any compliance gaps by centralising your training data.
  • Capture and analyse key information regardless of training location or format. 
“After seeing a live demo of EcoOnline EHS, we realised it was a great fit for our global organisation. The intuitive nature and the multi-lingual functionality of the database were key components to partnering with EcoOnline.  

The real-time custom dashboard, charts, and mobile app capabilities are truly remarkable. The new advancements and technological features that are coming soon will further enhance our reporting capabilities. We are excited about this new partnership and the prospects of future advancements.”  

Joel Johnson, Global Safety Specialist, Silgan Holdings Inc

Are you sinking countless hours into working out when employees require refresher training?

The lack of visibility within your safety training data can make it difficult to track and report on course expirations, assessments, and qualifications.  

This makes demonstrating compliance through competence reporting a significant challenge (not to mention a huge time blackhole).  

Compliance Issues

Don’t let your compliance issues pile up.

Correcting competence gaps in your organisation's safety training can be codeword for wasted hours. The good news is that there is another way.

Training Register empowers users with a digital and intuitive tool that can quickly pinpoint non-compliance issues. Allowing you to make the crucial switch from being reactive to proactive when it comes to safety training.  

Make your workplace safer, make your workday easier

When you ditch inflexible systems and mountains of paperwork, you’ll give yourself the time to focus on the data and numbers that make safety training essential. Access real-time competence data insights, in one convenient place.

  • Generate quick reports for required competencies due to expire
  • Delegate and track responsibility for competency record capture across your organisation. 
  • Receive automatic notifications to mitigate against the expiry of key information. 
🛠️ Step by Step

Getting started is simple


How it looks

Safety training data, without the hassle

Record Management & Documentation

Find exactly what you need, when you need it.

Reporting & Analytics

Real-time insights at your fingertips.

Automatic Notifications

Receive alerts for upcoming re-certification requirements.

“The customer service is very friendly, fast reacting and customer oriented. We received excellent support in setting up the system and in training the users. Any questions we have are answered very quickly and helpfully.”  

Maria Weckman, Safety & Security Leader, IKEA

View training records and address competency gaps in an instant

When you speak with one of our in-house EHS experts, you’ll discover how Training Register can streamline your training processes and make the data work for you.

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