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1 out of 4 employees worry about safety and believe their health and well-being is at risk in their workplace in EU

Accidents and poor workplace safety are global challenges, and hazardous chemicals are still a major problem, despite stringent regulations.


Our responsibility

Sustainability in EcoOnline

At EcoOnline, we see it as our responsibility to help and guide our customers toward creating healthier and safer workplaces. Our position, at the intersection between developing software and enabling our customers to take true actions, making our digital fingerprint as crucial as our customer’s carbon footprint.

For a safer workplace

A system that grows with OilStates Industries

According to Matt Askham, UK HSE Manager, the adaptability and user-friendly nature of the EcoOnline system went a long way to encouraging its adoption with employees.

As more data has been added to the system, Matt and the H&S team have a greater idea of where resources need to be concentrated and traceability has improved.

For a more sustainable workplace

Porsgrunn Municipality saves half a million - and cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 40 tonnes

Working strategically to reduce hazardous chemicals, risks, and exposure to chemicals, we can report on results tied to several of the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals. To support the municipality’s climate project, the digital solutions provided by EcoOnline are used to monitor, report, and assess the risks of chemicals.

For a more efficient workplace

Mitie has increased incident reporting and decreased time lost to industry with the help of EcoOnline.

The introduction of a new software solution coupled with the Mitie team cementing new processes has helped to drive some blockbuster results in their first 12 months. They have seen:

  • 140% increase in hazard and near miss reporting
  • 14% decrease in time lost to injury

How we help you achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

#3 – Good Health and Well-being

EcoOnline contributes to good health and well-being by facilitating a safer workplace through controlling and handling chemicals and incidents. Through EcoOnline's risk management programs, businesses of all sizes and markets can identify the wide range of ESG risks and ensure effective improvement actions are assigned.

#4 – Quality Education

Employee training is vital to staying attractive as an employer, reducing accidents, and improving workplace safety. With EcoOnline Learning Manager, businesses in all industries can conduct employee training to remain compliant, reduce accidents and occupational diseases, and contribute to less environmental impact.

#8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth

EcoOnline’s software platform helps accelerate, improve, and promote safe and secure working environments for all workers.

# 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities:

EcoOnline's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) module consolidates data collection to monitor and track critical metrics around corporate social responsibility. The highly configurable platform can log multiple social outcomes for a single CSR activity.

#12 – Responsible Consumption and Production

EcoOnline’s modules help build trust and transparency among stakeholders. Handling chemicals correctly also reduces the negative environmental impact of hazardous emissions.


Climate Action

EcoOnline has aligned with the Science Based Target (SBT) framework to reduce its internal carbon footprint. As a SaaS company, our carbon footprint mainly comes from indirect emissions, we continuously evaluate the value chain’s negative impact, ensuring high ethical standards and compliance.


Diversity & Inclusion

EcoOnline strongly believes that diversity contributes to better business and a stronger society. We actively promote diversity and provide an equal opportunity workplace.


Our Compliance Management Program

To EcoOnline, policies and controls go beyond meeting legal, contractual, and regulatory requirements. To us, it is vital to instilling customer and stakeholder confidence in how we manage risks and safeguard our valuable data, and intellectual property.

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Our goals for 2025

EcoOnline’s 2025 Sustainability Plan is an important guideline on how we as a company needs to act to reach a set of identified environmental, social, and governance metrics based on a materiality analysis.

The plan consists of two pillars where the first pillar focuses on ensuring EcoOnline’s responsible operations, covering themes from climate action to diversity. The other pillar focuses on how our business solutions and services significantly impact creating safe, healthy, and sustainable workplaces.