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Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor

EcoOnline is a key provider of DGSA services. Our team of consultants have over 20 years experience extensively working within a wide range of industries.

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Monitor compliance

What is a DGSA?

A Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser is a qualified specialist who has been certified to provide guidance and advice to companies who are involved in the transport of dangerous goods i.e. loading, unloading, packing, filling etc.
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Transport regulations

Why do you need one?

If you're involved in the transport of dangerous goods, even on an irregular basis, you may be required to appoint a DGSA. In accordance with the ADR Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road regulations, organisations involved in the activities which include carriage, or the related packing, loading, filling, or unloading of dangerous goods shall appoint one or more designated DGSAs.

We provide training, repackaging, labelling and documentation

As a key provider of DGSA services, our experienced consultants are here to help. We offer a range of courses related to the transport of dangerous goods by road and sea, as well as a complete repackaging, labelling and documentation service.

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Our consultants are highly experienced working within:

  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical Device
  • Transport/Logistics
  • Chemical
  • Laboratory
  • Waste
“Without EcoOnline, we would have had to hire an extra person to handle all our safety data sheets!” 

Juliana Hestad, Product Manager, Valvoline Oil AS

EcoOnline offers Health & Safety consultancy and training tailored to the needs of your company

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