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Chemical Management

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Mastering COSHH in the Oil & Gas Industry

Mastering COSHH in the Oil & Gas Industry

  • Duration : 1 Hour

Don't miss this opportunity to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to mitigate risks, protect your workforce, and ensure regulatory compliance in your operations. 


In this webinar we will go through the importance of managing your chemical safety effectively and efficiently.

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How technology fuels companies to achieve COSHH compliance

Join our COSHH expert as he showcases Chemical Manager, the digital solution and managed service that will help you achieve COSHH compliance and protect your staff.

Making COSHH Management & Compliance an everyday habit in your organisation

In this webinar, our team of experts will evaluate how companies can remove fear around chemical safety and manage COSHH effectively.

Webinar - 5 Steps to Achieving CoSHH Compliance
Six Steps to COSHH Compliance

In this webinar, we will go through the importance of managing your COSHH effectively and how to build a successful COSHH Management Programme.

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How can digitisation simplify COSHH compliance?

To help you learn more, our in-house expert, Joseph Ashbridge delivers a webinar on how digitalisation can simplify COSHH compliance.

Duration: 1 hour
You will learn:
•             What is COSHH and Important COSHH Regulations
•             Reviewing Assessments and COSHH Management
•             Common Failings and Pain Points with COSHH Management and more...

Health and Safety

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Best Practice in Managing Work Related Road Risk (WRRR)

This webinar will help you get the basics right when it comes to work-related road safety.

We will investigate the various road risks and explore preventative actions so you can achieve better road safety standards for your workforce.

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Latest Trends in Health and Safety Training

This webinar examines some of the latest trends when it comes to HSE training requirements, performing HSE training needs within organisations and some of the more recent technologies used in health and safety education.

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The Use of Technology in Safety and Employee Wellness

This webinar explores some of the latest technological advancements in occupational health and safety. Attendees can expect to gain good understanding of the areas of eliminating risk, how businesses can focus on more leading indicators and the role of wearable technology and behavioural data capture in providing a safer workplace.


Companies dedicated to making a real difference in workplace OHS need to implement best practice action management. It is a fundamental component to showcase adherence to management standards under (the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) continuous improvement cycle for ISO 45001) and a must-have for showcasing safety compliance.

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Taking the risks out of hybrid working

As organisations have cautiously scaled down pandemic lockdown-induced home working, many have chosen not to bring formerly office-based workers back full time. Instead, a mixture of employee preferences, and potential business benefits, has prompted many organisations to set up hybrid work schedules. But how can safety and health practitioners help ensure that this new work pattern does not introduce new risks?

7 Steps to Revolutionise Your Health & Safety Maturity and Culture

In this webinar, we will take a more strategic look at the broader requirements needed to drive health and safety maturity, from the overall management system to technology, through culture and continuous improvement.

Join our hosts: Rob Cronan and Lewis Magan for an informative insight into the topic.

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In this webinar find out how digital tools can easily and effortlessly, link all areas of EHS, chemical safety and training under one roof, to ensure you have a one stop 'go to' platform for all your safety compliance needs.

Expert analysis of the HSE Statistics 2021/2022 in manufacturing

In this webinar, EcoOnline’s in-house experts reflect on the 2021/2022 Health and Safety Executive (HSE) statistics. We will take a closer look at what the new stats mean compared to previous years with a focus on the topics of chemical management, permit to work and EHS in the manufacturing industry.


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Avoid Greenwashing - How to 'DEPEND' on your ESG Claims

Wherever you are on your ESG journey – full flow or taking your first steps – there are ways to avoid greenwashing.

We cover some of those in this 1 hour  webinar including: Recent trends, facts and figures around greenwashing, Why it’s a problem. how data visibility solutions can help. We also introduce a brand-new 6-Check Model (‘DEPEND’) to guard against greenwashing


Carbon Reduction and Climate Action - Tackle Net Zero with Zero Fuss

Wherever you are on your carbon reduction journey – whether you are well on the pathway to Net Zero, or taking your first steps – there are ways to make it easier.

We cover some of those in this 1-hour webinar, exploring trends backed by facts and figures, present a brand-new 6-step Carbon Reduction Model to 'how to build a business case'.

ESG: Convert to earnings, savings and growth

Discover recent trends, changes and aspects of ESG programmes and sustainability reporting. How the 5Rs could help you reframe your business case for ESG. How to engage teams across your organisation to build profit from ESG.

Some fresh thinking and practical examples of how ESG could cut costs. How data visibility solutions can help

Learning & Training

Hvordan E-læring forbedrer helse og sikkerhet på arbeidsplassen

In this webinar our talented webinar speakers will address the advantages of digital learning and the importance of sharing knowledge to create safer workplaces.

Crisis Management


In this fireside chat, we discuss the ‘Human Dimension’ of crisis management and how human behaviour and technology can have a significant impact on the ultimate outcome.