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January Updates

This is a short video message from the EcoOnline customer success team to wish you a Happy New Year. Plus, we wanted to provide an update on upcoming webinars, product improvements and new product innovations on the roadmap. 

We will be showcasing the new EcoOnline EHS solution for our clients in a webinar on January 25th. We hope you can join in the discussion.


Upcoming Events

EcoOnline EHS, as you know, moving forward will be the EHS platform of choice for EcoOnline where we will be putting our resources to constantly improve and innovate and it will in time replace Engage EHS.

Rest assured, we are committed to taking our clients on that journey and making sure it’s a successful transition.

Join us on January 25th for a webinar where we will showcase the EcoOnline EHS solution and invite you to start the process to help you make the switch to EcoOnline EHS. We will have a fully interactive Q and A session, we hope you can join in the discussion. Register your interest for the webinar on January 25th.


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Switching to EcoOnline EHS

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