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“SID allows GSPs to benchmark against the industry’s average rate of aircraft damage. Those that perform better than the industry standard can use the data as a positive story to draw in more clients, while those who identify problem areas can the statistics to enhance their operations.”

“Our core purpose is to prevent and reduce accidents providing a safe, secure, quality service. As a community of GSPs, we needed a voice for the people we serve. Although we participate in industry forums, we often lack the data intelligence to support the initiatives that matter the most. SID not only plugs that gap but also provides a framework for standardised reporting to drive continual improvement.

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Frequently asked questions

What is health and safety software?

Health and Safety software is a centralized, cloud-based system that enables the management and the sharing of compliance data, tasks and actions across an entire company. Get in touch if you have any questions about health and safety software or consult our guides. 

What does health and safety software do?

A health and safety software solution helps organizations to fully comply with all recent H&S rules and regulations. The solutions aims to cover the totality of a company's occupational health and safety processes. This includes the workplace health and safety policy in the organization, incident reporting, the process for incident & ill health prevention and the practices, procedures and resources for developing and maintaining the occupational H&S policy.

What makes a good health and safety software?

A good health and safety software should cover a number of health and safety processes, including incident reporting, risk assessment management and audit completion. In addition to this the system should make employee engagement in safety as easy as possible. This can be achieved through mobile reporting of observations, hazards and incidents. This way employees can play an active and visible part in making their workplace safer. Your health and safety software system should also provide you with a clear representation of your safety data. It's important that you can get an overview of safety across the entire organization - no matter how many locations or departments.

What are the main elements of Health & Safety software?

The key elements of an effective Health & Safety software include the management commitment, effective planning, deployment, corrective actions, ongoing training and maintenance. It is crucial to understand the elements of an ideal Health & Safety management for you to audit an organization.

What is OHS Software?

OHS is an acronym for Occupational Health and Safety. Occupational health and safety software, like EHS Software keeps a record of health and safety data and allows you to generate analysis and trends reports reports to ensure your employees are covered in terms of Health and Safety.

Why is a health and safety management system important?

Safety management systems ensure that when a task is carried out in your workplace, every precaution has been taken to reduce the likelihood of there being an incident. Minimizing risk to your own employees is crucial to the function of your business and reputation.

What are the main benefits of a health and safety management system?

The main benefits of an health and safety management system are:

Aggregation of data from various sources allowing accident investigators instant access to training records and risk assessments;
Allows the right data to be available to the right people on a self serve basis;
The mobile app allows for greater analysis of inspections and audits, helping companies to focus our resources in areas that will provide the best EHS outcomes;
This data is also available for your clients which helps building trust in their quality and EHS performance;
The notification system allows managers to know what is going on without having to go into the system.