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Coronavirus safety

COVID-19: It's our duty to help

EcoOnline are here to help their customers stop the spread of the Coronavirus
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EcoOnline maintains normal activity

Across the globe, we are adapting to a new reality in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our greatest compassion goes to all who are affected by the virus. Many of our clients work in vulnerable and socially critical professions. We send a special thank you to all of you who stand up for all of us!


Business model designed to deal with crisis

For EcoOnline, it is important to point out that since all our services are available in the cloud, we are not affected by the challenges that the coronavirus currently causes. Our customers, partners and stakeholders can rely on us to do our utmost to fulfill our obligations as Northern Europe's largest supplier of HSE software. All our applications are available online 24/7.

Our support, training and sales team are there to help you as normal. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Download our Guide on Conducting Risk Assessments for COVID-19

EcoOnline closely monitors the development of the coronavirus. We have created this collection page to make it easier for HSE personnel to find all relevant information and get useful tips and tricks.

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New features tailored to new risk situation

With the COVID-19 pandemic, there are constant changes that have led companies to adapt to new rules and situations in record time. To prevent the handling of health, environment and safety measures to be left behind, EcoOnline has implemented new features in the user-friendly EHS software system.

With ready-made templates and checklists, tailored to the situation, EcoOnline has made it easier for businesses to gain an overview and to control any risk while maintaining continuous HSE work.

Based on governmental guidelines and a thorough quality assurance check carried out by EcoOnline's experienced HSE experts, the following new customized features are now available:

  • COVID-19: Preparedness Checklist: Evaluate and Update the Coronavirus Pandemic Preparedness
  • Infectious event report template: follow all reported incidents and take corrective action to protect employees and the business
  • "Working at home safely" checklist: for the safety and ergonomic working conditions of your home office
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Infection prevention measures

The risk of an employee coming into contact with an infected person in the workplace may be higher than we think. For some professions, the risk is more obvious than others, and the risk increases in workplaces where you are in contact with many people.

It is the employer's responsibility to assess whether the employees or contract staff can encounter an infectious situation.

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, conducting risk assessments can be an effective measure. EcoOnline provides you with tips to get started with these risk assessments. We've created a simple 3-step guide to help you get started

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Rights & Duties

Organisations involved in remote working need policies and procedures to make sure they manage the hazards effectively. The implementation of employees working from home can lead to issue which some organisations have not met before.

With the uncertainty of how long your employees may need to work from home the following areas should be carefully assessed, and the correct procedures should be put in place to minimise any hazard or issue which may arise over the coming weeks in particular.

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Health and Safety Continuity During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Register for our FREE Webinars or watch our past webinars on-demand to improve your knowledge with our experienced experts in HSE Regulations.

With HSE tasks there are a number of legal requirements for documentation, which can be difficult to keep track of. We want to make it easier for you to increase your knowledge of the regulations and gain an overview of what is required of you.

In addition, our experienced experts offer a number of tips and health and safety resources on how to work more efficiently while creating safe and sustainable jobs.


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PPE procedures for COVID-19

When applying and removing PPE during Covid-19, procedures must be in place and followed to ensure the safety of yourself and others around you. We have outlined a standard procedure that may be used and followed in your organisation.

All organisations have unique procedures and equipment so please take time to review your unique steps and PPE procedures.

Download our Poster on PPE procedures for COVID-19

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Returning to The Workplace

Are you one of the many who have or will soon return to the workplace? Or are you one of those who will still be working from home for a while? Either way it is important to be aware of the special guidelines that apply to the working environment during the Covid-19 situation.

To prevent potential contamination, all employers have had to carry out risk assessments of possible contamination risk. When more and more people choose to return to work, risk assessments are an effective tool for acquiring an overview and thus being better equipped to take measures that can help to protect your staff and ultimately save lives.


Returning to The Workplace: A Summarised Guide


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