Software Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

The EcoOnline platform provides sustainable
, safe, and productive safety management for the manufacturing industry.

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"With the help of EcoOnline, we have better control over our safety data sheets, and thus also an easier job with risk assessment and substitution"

Knut Ø. Andreassen

Head of Industrial Protection and Security

We help you to...

Sustainable - Blue Icon
Measure Sustainability

Make the transition to a resource-efficient economy.  Measure emissions, optimize raw material usage and schedule regular reports

Safer - Blue Icon
Ensure Safety at Work

From audit to crisis management and worker training, with EcoOnline you can keep a close eye on all of your health & safety activities.

Seemless Operations - Blue Icon
Simplify Operations

Seamlessly integrate all of your EHS tools with our Core Module Functionality. Enable employees to work with you, using our straightforward, mobile accessible digital tools, all in one place. 

Crisis Manager - Logistics - ENG

Be prepared for any event with digital crisis management

EcoOnline's Crisis Management Software makes your crisis and emergency response plans easily accessible to the employees who need them.

Ensure a quick return to normalized business operation after any incident and re-establish compliance.

  • Quickly notify your team during a crisis event
  • Track your crisis response
  • Organize tasks with checklists and action cards
  • Keep all stakeholders updated


Learning Manager - Logistics - ENG

Modernize your employee safety training experience

Our Learning Manager Software takes the power of a safety learning management system (LMS) and combines it with an extensive e-learning library.

This system supports both e-learning and instructor-led training, while integrating seamlessly with the EcoOnline platform.

  • Extensive course catalogue available in 4 languages
  • Improve your employee training engagement and retention
  • Fully automate your training system
  • Gain complete training oversight with industry-leading analytics

EHS - Logistics - ENG
Health & Safety Management

Manage all of your EHS needs in one place

EcoOnline's Health & Safety Management software gives you a deeper understanding of your operational and EHS risks.

  • Modules include Incident Reporting, Risk Assessments and Audits/ Checklists - and many more
  • Increase employee engagement with safety with mobile reporting
  • Modules are configurable to your needs
  • Advanced dashboards give you a complete overview of safety in your business


Environment - Logistics - ENG

Make the transition to a resource-efficient economy

Track and reduce organisational emissions, optimize raw material usage and automate and schedule regular reports with our Environmental Management software.

  • Track scopes 1,2 and 3 of carbon emissions - aiding you in reducing your carbon footprint
  • Environmental KPI's let you set usage alerts and intensify ration reporting
  • Utilize global ESG reporting frameworks to demonstrate transparency to stakeholders

Chemical Manager - Logistics - ENG
Chemical Safety

A user-focused chemical safety software

Our Chemical Manager tool gives control back to your employees when managing chemicals. 

Featuring one of Europe's largest chemical management databases, Chemical Manager empowers employees to make safe choices with confidence.

  • Store, search and track all of your safety data sheets
  • Accurately assess risk associated with chemical usage
  • Easily substitute hazardous chemicals in the system
  • Record all instances of chemical exposure


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