EcoOnline invests in innovative safety technology

EcoOnline invests in innovative safety technology

Published June 30, 2021

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EcoOnline, a leading provider of EHSQ SaaS-solutions, invest in Protex AI, an Irish-based software company developing CCTV technology for real-time monitoring of workplace risks.

"In EcoOnline, we are always searching for better ways to use innovative technology to create healthier and safer work environments for our customers. By teaming up with Protex AI, we get access to early-phase development of innovative safety technology which complements our existing platform well," said Göran Lindö, CEO of EcoOnline. 

"By using CCTV infrastructure coupled with cloud-based technologies, customers in warehouses, factories, and ports can continuously audit and improve safety procedures in real-time. Although early-stage, this investment complements our ongoing initiatives to expand further and improve the solutions we offer to identify, track, and eliminate risk at work," he added.

Investing in the future of work
For more than 20 years, EcoOnline has developed innovative solutions helping businesses in all industries and sizes to create safer, more sustainable, and more efficient workplaces. Today, new technologies and different employment patterns are shaping the world of work. Post-covid, the EHS market sees a new urgency amongst firms to implement connected worker solutions for ensuring continuity of business operations while keeping frontline workers safe.

The EcoOnline and Protex AI partnership is strongly supported by their shared vision of realizing an injury-free workplace. 

Dan Hobbs _CEO_Protex

“We couldn't be happier to have EcoOnline on board as both an investor and partner. Their knowledge, scale and focus on innovation will greatly benefit Protex AI as we aim to proactively mitigate risk.” said Dan Hobbs, co-founder and CEO of Protex AI.

Protex AI product vision is the culmination of years of university research and was solely owned by the two co-founders, CEO Dan Hobbs and CTO Ciaran O’Meara. They have now raised sufficient capital to bring their computer vision-based software to the market as a Vision as a Service (VaaS).

An initial BETA product has been developed and is currently being trialed by selected companies in the shipping and logistics industry, a manufacturer of engineered wood paneling, and a provider of quality fresh and frozen food. In a first phase, EcoOnline will support Protex AI in its BETA introductions and assessments. In parallel, a framework will be established for offering the Protex AI solutions to EcoOnline’s existing customer base.

About EcoOnline
EcoOnline is a European EHSQ SaaS market leader dedicated to developing software creating safer & sustainable workplaces while ensuring compliance and environmental sustainability. EcoOnline has offered a positive contribution to customers and society since its inception and is a leader in the Nordics, the UK and Ireland with customers also in the US and many other countries. The company has a clear history of successfully acquiring and integrating companies with same level of employee engagement as EcoOnline.

About Protex AI
Protex AI is a computer vision-based software company, providing proactive safety technology to help companies in their mission to realize an injury free workplace. We use existing CCTV infrastructure coupled with cutting edge deep-learning and cloud-based technologies to continuously and autonomously audit in real-time the safety procedures put in place in warehouses, factories, and ports. 

More information:

Göran Lindö, CEO EcoOnline Group
Mob: +47 452 00 660

Author Helene Brodersen

Helene works as Head of ESG & Sustainability. She is passionate about connecting EcoOnline's solutions with the higher purpose of creating safer and more sustainable workplaces for people and the environment. As a former journalist, she dedicates her writing to translating complex topics into easy-to-read and engaging stories. Helene also holds a degree in Sustainability.

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