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Managing Dangerous Substances in the Workplace

If you missed the recent seminar in Kildare on chemical safety and managing dangerous substances, don't worry. Our team have recorded the event and compiled it into key topic sections for you to watch at your convenience. 

Section 1

An overview of chemical safety in the workplace

The opening session will provide you with an introduction to safety data sheets and the associated legislation governing them in the workplace. Once we have covered the basics, we will delve into the key steps to building an effective safety data sheet management system in your organisation.


Section 2

Key tips and tricks to manage chemical safety in the workplace

EcoOnline manages over 7000 clients globally and has extensive knowledge in chemical safety best practices. In this presentation, we will share some key tips on improving your chemical safety culture in your organisation.


Section 3

Best practice in completing chemical risk assessments

Ensuring your employees are safe while working with hazardous substances is extremely important, but it can also be demanding trying to manage all the paperwork. How can chemical risk assessments help to protect your staff, and what are the key steps you need to undertake in this process?


Section 4

Creating chemical risk assessments, what do you need to do?


This is a practical walkthrough of the key areas that need to be completed in creating a chemical risk assessment.


Section 5

How can digitisation simplify chemical compliance

In this discussion we hear first-hand experiences shared by the health and safety manager at Mater Private, Ricoh Farrelly on their transition to managing health and safety digitally v paper-based and manual methods.


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