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The engine of EcoOnline EHS - Workflows power every module. Choose from our best practice workflow options and let Workflows do your heavy lifting.



EcoOnline EHS workflow engine powers every module. Creating workflows has never been easier, users can quickly and easily access and edit industry workflows with intuitive interfaces and commands. From start to finish, the EcoOnline EHS workflow engine sees through every activity. Reminding teams with urgency based notifications and severity ratings. Configurability at its finest, choose the best practise workflow for you.


We are looking forward to working with EcoOnline, it provides a great system which will support in delivering our risk management programme globally; from the end user reporting tools that will drive engagement through to the flexibility of the management information dashboards which will encourage business ownership of risk.”

Ruth Denyer, Operational Risk Director, ITV

Key Features


Choose from a range of best practice workflow options


Inclusive workflow templates


Automatic email notifications


Control workflow stage gates


Configurable templates / forms based on your business requirements

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