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| Incident Reporting
Incidents & Fines in the Manufacturing Industry

Although manufacturing has lower accident rates than construction and agriculture (measured per 100,000 employees) the...

| Incident Reporting
6 Ways to Increase Near-Miss Reporting On Factory Floors

Near-Misses can be an important risk indicator in the workplace, but they very often go unreported. However, there are...

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| Incident Reporting
Near Misses – Or Near Hits?

Some workers see near miss reporting as an unnecessary piece of administration. Even when investigating minor cuts and...

| Incident Reporting
3 Steps To Forklift Safety

Forklift trucks (FLTs), also known as rider-operated lift trucks, cause more injuries than heavy goods vehicles (HGVs)...

| Incident Reporting
Maximise Incident Management to Minimise Accidents. Webinar Q+A

Following the feedback received from our recent webinar titled “Maximise Incident Management to Minimise Accidents” we...

| Incident Reporting
Near Miss Reporting: A Different Approach to a Familiar Challenge

Struggling with near miss reporting in your workplace? Consider this near miss example: A worker is walking through a...

| Incident Reporting
Hidden hazards in the workplace

It's fairly obvious that safety and health hazards can exist on worksites filled with heavy machinery and equipment,...

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